Saturday, 12/11 at Land O Lakes High School, Tampa, FL, the FPS program and professionals, such as AJ Andrews, Shannon Saile, Falepolima Aviu, Kendyl Lindaman, Mandie Perez and more, will be administering from 9am-1pm, an instructional combine in all areas of softball, all ages welcome to participate. You do NOT have to be a FPS site member to attend any FPS event such as this event. There is individual and group pricing available and can register on this site under event schedule. At the combine, you will be instructed and scouted by FPS professionals while providing a scout card to take with you to help you with the growth of your game! FPS is the new, innovative, collegiate recruiting system combined with PRO SCOUTS providing valuable recruiting evaluations, virtual lessons available with the FPS professionals and in person events such as this event. The event will also have media present covering the event, covering all participants through social media and videography. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to market and broadcast your skills.

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