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As a collegiate recruiting database to all divisions of the collegiate softball landscape, create a player profile locker, download videos to college recruiters to evaluate, filter, and find you!  Also, for those younger players seeking more development, create a player locker as well, let those future college recruiters follow your online developmental journey, get seen early, BUT also have DIRECT ACCESS to your favorite professional player where you can share information, download videos to the favorite professional player locker for assessment & regular communication. 

The Fastpitch pro scouts, all professional players, will evaluate your locker profile/videos and based on scouting tools, will rate your profile and videos, earning you a badge, while collegiate coaches can evaluate the fastpitch pro scout notes and evaluations independently. 


What if you had access to your favorite professional fastpitch athlete to have real-time lessons, or direct communication, having a true professional fastpitch athlete provide you with real ratings, real assessments or factual scouting information, or would you like any and every college coach or recruiter to see your profile information while seeing the professional scouting notes or would you like to attend a professional scout combine in-person to be seen by college coaches, rated by professional fastpitch athletes?


Well, now you can, Fastpitch Pro Scout does just this, create your profile membership, create your very own player locker, get seen by the college coaches, have direct communication with professional players, register for professional combines that may come to area near you as well.  Also, upgrade to PRO PLAYER CONNECT for the enhanced membership to have virtual monthly lessons with your favorite professional & direct communication.   Proceeds of monthly PRO CONNECT membership and virtual lessons, go to the compensation of the professional players year-round, lets grow the game together for all. 


Fastpitch Pro Scout
2722 Manatee Ave W
Bradenton, FL 34205

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